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Shelby Denise Smith

I have many interests, but they can divided into four categories. 💘

Journalists shape culture by informing the public on new and exciting shifts. As a multi-media journalist, knowing I am responsible for that thrills me. I thoroughly enjoy making news, culture, and lifestyle digestible for the average person. I do this as a social media manager and writer. I have produced social media content for organizations like WHYY and The US SUN and have written for ESSENCE, NBC LX, Parents Magazine, and more. Before solidifying myself as a digital storyteller in the industry, I was a Page at CBS, where I had the privilege to work as an assistant to Susan Zirinsky (President of CBS News) and Kim Godwin (Former VP of CBS News) and a Production Associate at NBC New York as apart of their entry-level hiring programs. 

Social Startups:
Partaking in entrepreneurship, real estate development, and venture capitalism to create social change is the heart of my life's mission. Through the abovementioned paths, I am made to pioneer resources that dismantle poverty in urban communities. I have a substantial burden for those who have fallen victim to cycles of poverty through systemic racism. Though I work full-time as a journalist (social media manager and writer), my side 'hustle' is being a mobile espresso cart owner. A portion of our proceeds go towards homelessness prevention services. I am also on the board and a donor to the JCS (Jesus Crew Scholarship) Award, which recognizes three graduating high school students from North Plainfield High School pursuing higher education with a monetary award. Those are just two of the many programs and businesses I plan on developing. The goal is to eventually transition out of journalism and into working on my social startups and holding office full-time. 

Working in media and business is preparing me to be a great politician. Through media, I inform, and through entrepreneurship, I am a resource; through both, I serve. Politicians are the ultimate public servants, and my experience as a working-class individual prepares me to serve well. I advocate for Kingdom principles to be incorporated into the strategy, structure, and legislation for the benefit of all. When we eliminate greed and manipulation to do what's right for the better interest of people, America can be great. I know this is achievable! I have started my work within the political realm as a Political Affairs Advocate for the Borgen Project. During my time there, I had meetings with staffers of Congress to convince them to vote in favor of an expanded foreign affairs budget. 

My life is ministry. My actions, speech, work ethic, etc., are all a form of worship. My life's mandate is to walk in obedience as a form of loving God back for sending his son, Jesus, to die on behalf of humanity's sins. My gratitude for that sacrifice includes completing all the abovementioned assignments and continually growing to be more like Him. I am a revivalist; within all my jobs, my purpose is to share the gospel and help disciple those who accept.

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