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Shelby Denise Smith

I would describe my interest in four categories- media, social startups, politics and ministry.


The media landscape is responsible for shaping culture and journalists are responsible for informing the public about those shifts. I, as a multi-media journalist, have found my passion as an informer. I thoroughly enjoy making news, business, and politics digestible for the average person. I do this through social media on my personal page and digital publications for which I freelance write. I was a Social Justice Contributor for YR Media but my work has been published in Essence Magazine Digital, NBCLX, Clerestory, and BOLD TV. Before venturing as a Freelance Journalist, I was a Page at CBS and a Production Associate at NBC New York. During my time at CBS, I had the privilege to work as an assistant to Susan Zirinsky (President of CBS News) and Kim Godwin (Former VP of CBS News).  

Social Startups:

Partaking in entrepreneurship, real estate development and venture capitalism with the purpose of creating social change is the heart of my life’s mission. I am made to pioneer resources that dismantle poverty in urban communities through the paths mentioned above. I have a strong burden for those who have fell victim to cycles of poverty through systemic racism. I don't think the average person understands the extent to which domestic policy and culture have dismantled communities dating back to the birth of America. While my role in media is to educate you on those occurrences, my role in entrepreneurship is to act on them. The only way to break cycles of systematic financial oppression is by providing resources that level the playing field. All of my monetary investments have the vision of doing just that. My first business, my baby, is SDSMEDIA LLC. What started off as a blog in 2016 is now my hub of services for virtual assisting and social media management. The second startup I was a part of was Kairos Culture LLC where I served as the Chief Operations Officer. My focus there was on developing strategies and implementing systems for the business to run smoothly. I also competed in multiple business plan competitions winning seed money for my business. 


I love media and business but I believe those fields are ultimately preparing me to be a great politician. Through media I inform and through entrepreneurship, I am a resource but through both I serve. I am a server and politicians are the ultimate public servants. I want to implement policy that creates a well-balanced society. I'm an advocate for Kingdom principles being incorporated into the strategy, structure, and legislation that allow most, if not all, to live comfortably. When we eliminate greed and manipulation to do what’s right for the better interest of all, America can be great. I know this is achievable. I have started my work within the political realm as a Political Affairs Advocate for the Borgen Project. During my time there I had meetings with staffers of Congress to convince them about voting in favor of an expanded foreign affairs budget. 


My life is ministry. My actions, my speech, my work ethic. All of it is a form of worship. My life’s mandate is to walk in obedience as a form of loving Jesus back for all He’s done. Obedience includes successfully completing all of the assignments pertaining to my purpose outlined above and continually growing in being more like Him in the process. I am a revivalist, within all my assignments my purpose is to share the gospel and help disciple those who accept. I believe my vlogs will aid in others' discipleship process. That's the purpose of me taking you all on my journey of professional and spiritual growth! Welcome to my ministry.


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