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Wellness + Lifestyle + Travel Writer | Social Media Manager + Content Creator 

Is SDS MEDIA for you? 👀

SDS MEDIA is a social media and writing agency that elevates your brand's online presence through strategic storytelling. Our agency offers comprehensive services, including social media strategy development, content creation, community engagement, and blogging.

Why do customers come to us...

Pink Sugar


User-Generated Content

Brands need user-generated content that tells a story about why their products or services are unique. This content cuts through the noise and competitive landscape of social media. We create content that stands out using stellar storytelling and quality production. We usually work with travel, lifestyle and wellness brands - our UGC portfolio is below.



We work with brands wanting to add a blog section to their website to drive traffic.  We incorporate SEO practices as our designated writer is certified. She also has 5+ years of writing experience at the professional level. Below is her writing portfolio.  


Social Media Management

Brands that do not have in-house social media managers or are looking to extend their staff a helping hand, reach out to us. We take full or partial control of the creative direction and strategy, including regularly scheduling trendy and insightful content.  

Here's how we move forward.

  1. We'll hop on a call to discuss your brand's goals, current strategy and budget. From there, we'll decide if our agency fits your brand or business.  

  2. We'll go through a 90-day trial period if we're a good match. Our responsibility will be to: 

    1. Audit your social channels 

    2. Build a strategy that fits your desires and needs

    3. Execute that strategy 

    4. Track analytics and progression

  3. Based on our review, you'll decide if you'd like to keep us on retainer. 

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