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How To Level Up 📶

Seek Him:  aggressively seek him for wisdom and knowledge about direction and opportunity. This is not a simple prayer in the morning or before you go to bed. This is intentional in depth conversation with God about your future. Put on some worship music, close your door and listen to God speak to you. God advances those who are obedient so make sure you act on what he says. Every opportunity that is presented to you is not for you to take as well. Therefore,  you want to pray not only for opportunity but that you know which opportunities to take.  Time is a very valuable thing so we want to make sure we are using it wisely.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone: I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, you must be comfortable with being uncomfortable. We do not grow in our comfort zones. If you want God to level you up, he’s going to put you in places and around people that are difficult to navigate. God will call us to do some crazy things! They won’t make sense and may look difficult to handle but in those moments we realize who we get our strength from. Don’t be afraid to go across the world and learn lessons that you would never learn from just leaving your home state. Work at an internship that has nothing to do with your field and network with people who you may need in a couple of years. Attend events and conferences that you have no interest in to broaden your academic horizon. There’s so much that God can lead you to do. I promise if its a task where he’s trying to level you up, you won’t be comfortable at first 😂

Be Ahead of The Game: God will cover this for you but recognize when he’s putting you ahead of the game so you can take advantage of it. For example, I always had a fascination with China and their culture/ history/ role as a rising power and I knew I had a calling into business and politics.  I had the opportunity to study at the “Harvard of China” for a semester and after praying I took it! While being here, God has opened doors to network with big names in business and government along with participate in governmental research. God will set you up with the opportunities but you must maximize on them. You have to go to the events, step out of your comfort zone and use all the resources God provided!

Reflect On The Journey and Use The Lessons Learned For Next Time: During your growth journey, you will make mistakes. Don’t frustrate yourself with the mistakes and learn from them. Use the mistakes to your advantage. Turn trials into triumphs by learning from the trials. Reflection is a key part of growth because you need to know what worked and what didn’t.

I hope this blog post encouraged you to level up!

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