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Media Mogul in the Making? Create Your Multi Purpose Studio With These Products.

Vanity Mirror : The vanity mirror brings extra light for filming content. You can also see how you would look on camera with it being a mirror. This means makeup, flyaways, etc. will all be noticed when filming. It's a lifesaver from doing to many takes! Film smoothly using a vanity mirror.

Blue Yeti Nano: After consulting my techy friend & Youtube, this mic was the consecutive winner for podcast launching. I like the quality and the color adds to my aesthetic for filming.

Backdrop & Backdrop Stand: If you followed this link from my IG Reel, its quite obvious I was doing laundry. But, I had a responsibility to film for a podcast I was apart of. Therefore, I had to quickly set up my backdrop & background then focused on filming! Paired with the vanity mirror lights it looks like i'm in a real studio.

Laptop Stand: Hate looking down at your laptop when editing? Still using books to prop up your laptop for filming? It's time to buy a laptop stand. I bought this super cheap and flexible stand that has aided filming so much!

Makeup Cart Organizer: It's BEST to keep your vanity mirror space clear just for your filming equipment. My first mistake was putting my makeup organizer ON my vanity desk. Huge mistake! It gets too chaotic. Use the linked makeup organizer for a sleek compartment next to your vanity/ studio space.

Use these codes for convenience! I know this will help. Best of luck in alllllllllllll your media endeavors. Keep connected and tag me in any setups you may have. Love you, but God loves you more ❤️

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