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Is God Real?

Hello amazing people! My dear friend Albaner captured a snippet of my testimony. I wanted to make an official blog post about it so that anyone can access it from here. There’s multiple layers to when I discovered that “God was truth,” but this is the most recent and impactful moment. I hope it blesses you!

In Summary:

  • I doubted God was real because I was very accomplished. Everything I did, I “did not need” God for.  I was good at brand building, entrepreneurship, public speaking and making connections therefore I questioned is God really real? What would I need him for? Everything I accomplished was me and my work ethic! Not him. Why do people accredit good things to God when they worked for it? Is it just traditional to do so? If it is, that means God isn’t  real and people want a fake support system. {this was my thought process}.

  • Until I encountered him in a supernatural way, that surpassed the ability of a human, is when I was solidified in the fact that It struct me!

My relationship with God is no longer rooted in gifts and His ability but the fact that He even allows us to work in those gifts and abilities to prove himself. He could have just required me to believe in Him from sermons and family values but He loved me so much that when he saw me doubting he decided to prove himself. He didn’t have to do that but he did! It dismantled any doubts that I faced regarding the realness of God. Therefore, if God is real, EVERYTHING about him must be real!

  • His word

  • His ability

  • His attitude and love towards us

  • The trinity

Now I’m intimate with Him, reliant on Him, study His word and have conversation with Him. He tells me about the future and heals my dysfunction. Everything he has said has come to pass! These are the works of a living God. There’s no way my “intuition” or horoscopes can detail a future so just that it surpasses all understanding, I have a peace about it and it happens for my good! God is alive and active waiting on us to grow in intimacy with him so that he can reveal himself more to us. You have this ability. A living God is waiting for you to just interact with him so He can blow your mind!

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