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Death To Distractions.

Below I have attached a video and notes on DEATH TO DISTRACTIONS:


I am a visionary, so the same way God speaks to me through visions and dreams, I know the devil will try to attack me. Therefore, I get lost in tangents and distracted very easily. The devil knows if he’s attacked my mind, he’s attacked one of my greatest weapons for change and growth. With that being said I must practice death to distractions DAILY.

I always knew it was an issue but I knew it was serious and God wanted serious change once he sent me this dream. I had a dream about a baby that was dying in my hands and as I was going to the hospital to find a doctor for help people kept talking to me. It was someone in my family, a close friend, another friend who was trying to help but wasn’t doing much and by time I got to the doctor and was able to get help the baby died. As soon as I woke up I asked God for the interpretation of the dream. He was telling me that there were things he was trying to birth in my life but In order for them to stay alive, thrive and grow, I must control my distractions.

These distractions can be more than people but places, circumstances, news feeds, etc.

When these things are controlling you and you’re not controlling them, they are officially declared a distraction.

Basically, when you’re not focused on God, which leads you to not focus on things he needs you to accomplish.

When you allow things that are not suppose to take portions of your day- take portions of your day-  the devils tactic of distraction against you has been successful.

Imagine how successful a country, people, business, education or e board could be if we were focused on what we were suppose to be focused on. There is POWER in focus and the devil is scared of that which is why he likes to attack us with DISTRACTIONS

So.. how do we get rid of distractions. Simply, an enhanced prayer life. When you come to God for clarity on what he needs you to successfully do for the day, there is no time for distraction. When you understand that your time on earth is limited and he is trying to do a work in your life.. you start to hate distractions because you want no part of them. You are only as focused as your prayer life. Your energy is sustained from a focused prayer life!

Two, ask God for discernment on what is a distraction in your life. We do not realize things are distractions until after we are distracted. To stop them at the root, we need direction from God on if we should focus our attention to that thing or not.

die to distractions daily!!!

My disciple gave me this scripture that I would like to share with you:

Philippians 4:8


QUIZ: What are some successful habits of an undistracted person?

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